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Convert PSD to HTML


Convert PSD to HTML

At Jinsoft Solutions, we convert your designs to high quality, cross-browser compatible, valid XHTML / CSS markup. It is perfect for designers who are new to the world of web standards. You can stick to designing great websites without worrying about the technical aspect of coding. Our service is also perfect for busy web designers/developers. You can trust us to maintain the highest standards in our code. We'll make you look good!

All of our code is 100% hand-coded, no WYSIWYG editing. We know our code so well that we can visualize the results without the need for a browser. Because of this we're able to offer our incredibly fast turnaround times while still creating beautiful code.

We never deliver things half-quality. We believe that each single customer deserves the best PSD to HTML conversion and the best implementations possible.

When coding your website we constantly test the output in the three major browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari). By doing this we're making sure that your site will look the same for 98% of the internet. We know what its like to have your site look perfect in Firefox only to find it butchered in IE. Let us handle it, we know how to massage the browsers to render properly.

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