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At Jinsoft, We can apply web 2.0 and deliver excellent enterprise 2.0 solutions that can help your organization be more agile and responsive to the dynamic business environment.

A phrase coined by the O'Reilly Media at first half of the 21st century; Web 2.0 has been the buzz word for savvy internet marketers for quite some time now. Along with fellow technologies that improved the face of website usability and internet visibility like Ajax and CSS, the web 2.0 design changed definitions of internet marketing and made it more user-specific.

Some of the greatest internet success stories in the recent times have not come out of massive dollars spent on online advertisements but by the strategic use of web 2.0 technologies. The quintessential web 2.0 design relies on recommendations and peer opinions shared throughout the web on essential online platforms that hone the web 2.0 technology.

Web 2.0 technology

How does this technology favor the search engines, you ask? Search engine algorithms take into consideration the user-friendliness of the website along with other factors that focus on content. All these factors are interrelated and dependent on each other.

Good content gets lucrative user attention and advantage and gets highly recommended through various popular sites that have adopted the web 2.0 design like social networking, social media, blogging, wikis, folksonomy, syndication and so on. Blogging was one such feature that was considered in high regard at the inception of the concept of web 2.0 technologies. Arrays of applications have been established ever since with the web 2.0 flavor.

As a final word on the web 2.0 design that has swept the World Wide Web with viral marketing and user-focused informational reach, it does more than what meets the eye. It publishes and distributes information to a wider audience, builds user networks and communities, helps p2p collaborations, shares the information on your website with the rest of the world in no time and finally favors search engines.


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