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Industry Type:Diamond Jewelry Manufacturers

Solution Provided:  

E-commerce, CMS,Rap-a-port integration, Brand identity, Website design and development

The Business:

Doshi Diam is one of the oldest Diamond Trading and Export Company based in Hong Kong with a wide range of specialized products in all sizes and carats. Delivering orders for more than a decade makes them preferred diamond traders and distributors, all over the world. Having been ranked within the top 10 diamond companies as per number of customers purchasing for over 15 years, proves their age old expertise in the domain.

The Challenge:

Doshi Diam focuses on fulfilling client requirements of diamonds in terms of color, size and shape. Being one of the leading exporters of high reputation in the fast-growing diamond industry, Doshi Diam enjoys one of the highest customer retention and referral rates in existing markets. However, the new phase of business expansion and approach came with the advent of online inventory and online trading of diamonds. Thus, Doshi Diam turned to Jinsoft Solutions for their unique and complex needs of developing and maintaining the online portal and facilitating business in global markets through a digital interface.

The Solution:

The Jinsoft Solutions team has been in tandem with Doshi Diam through a comprehensive work-process for a long time. The online portal project started a few years ago with the motive of brand establishment and management including brand identity, logo and website. Jinsoft Solutions has customized an exclusive online portal to suit the business scope and make their operations smooth. The online inventory and trading tool is instrumental in bringing the administrator and customers closer.









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