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eCommerce Web Design

The need of a good ecommerce web design is very often underestimated. In this day and age, the average internet user's expectations are high and hence they tend to place a lot of emphasis on the design of the website.

The first impression is the best impression, an adage that we use in real life applies even to the virtual world of the internet and thus sites with a good ecommerce web design are more likely to succeed than sites with superior products but with a poorer design.

As a leading e-commerce solutions provider, we are up for a big challenge of treating our customers with a user-friendly, technically equipped, search engine friendly and browser friendly website. As a website owner you have scanned through various competitor websites in your niche and demanded a similar website on these grounds off your professional website design firm, but what you must first know is the quintessential aspects of some of the best ecommerce web design that is eventually going to work equally well for both you and your customers.   

Our Ecommerce developers pay exhaustive attention on important factors while designing an ecommerce website.

  1. Appearance- As discussed earlier, the first appearance is vital to the success of any ecommerce website as users tend to pass judgments very quickly. Your site should have a good look and feel and must not have a cluttered look. The images and the text should be cohesively matched and to improve user experience the products should be neatly segregated into their respective categories.


  1. Browser compatibility- Browser compatibility is of utmost importance as today there isn't a universal browser via which users are using to surf the net. Your site should be equally viewable across all the browsers and moreover its performance should not be majorly impacted by different resolution screens.


  1. Loading time- The problem with many ecommerce websites is that they load their website with too many flash objects. While it is true that these come across as attractive to users, the downside is that it increases loading time. If someone comes to your site and even after 5 seconds, if it continues to be in the loading time, you could very well see more than 80% of them leaving.


  1. Site search box- Just imagine this scenario, a user comes to your site searching for a particular mobile phone. You may have that phone but it may be in one of the inner pages. So how is the user going find it? The search box! Isn't it? Thus a good ecommerce web design should always have a well optimized search box to complement it.


  1. Shopping Cart and Checkout Procedure- The ecommerce web design should have a shopping cart via which users could add or remove items. This should be clearly viewable to the user while he is shopping and it should also show them the money they have spent. The checkout procedure should include a form that looks attractive and easy to fill with only the most necessary details being required to fill.


If you could pay careful attention to these aspects, you could very well build a site that could have a site that has greater chances of succeeding.    


Clients Speak

I  would  just  like  to  say many,  many  thanks  to  Jinsoft Solution'sdevelopment team for  their  hard  work, professionalism  and  resourcefulness  in every  part  of  this  project. Every  step  of  the  way  they asked  relevant  questions,  but  only after  doing  some  research  as  to the  best  options  for  that situation.  This  was  my  first ever  project  with  Jinsoft  and  i will  definitely  be  using  them again.

Andrew Thornber- Thor Industries



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