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e-Commerce development

E-commerce is an effective way to generate sales as you can reach out to a greater number of people via this medium. However this is an extremely competitive field and one needs to carve their own niche in order to succeed. This is why special emphasis is put on e-commerce development which is the work that goes into building up the website.  

E-commerce development is basically the work that goes into designing and promoting the website. This is of utmost importance as e-commerce websites are different than usual static websites that give out information about products and services.

E-commerce development needs skilled and experienced web designers and programmers since creating a good website is of essence. It is imperative that the e-commerce web design be user friendly, be easy to navigate and above all, it should have an attractive design. Additionally, SEO strategies are crucial to e-commerce development as should be kept in mind while designing the website.

For Jinsoft, nothing is impossible when it comes to ecommerce development. Over the years we have accomplished the toughest of requirements and delivered on the most stringent of deadlines. Our ecommerce solutions come with powerful shopping components and back end management tools that include features that allow for quick order processing and efficient product management.

Ecommerce web design

There are also some of other key factors that you have to consider while making the ecommerce web design. The pages shouldn't take long to load as internet users have little patience and any page that takes more than 20seconds to load is bound to lose more than half of its audience.

Ecommerce web design should also be browser compatible and its search box should be well optimized so that users get exactly what they are searching for. The check out process should be made as easy as possible so that customers only have to fill in the essential details required to buy the item.

Ecommerce software

The trick to any successful online business is to choose the appropriate ecommerce software. However different ecommerce software come with different solutions, so choosing one should depend on the business.

E-commerce software should be easy to set up and maintain which means that should be administrative friendly.  It should also be customer friendly including features such as custom shopping cart, payment gateway integration, credit card processing, online store creation etc. The trick for buying any ecommerce software is to do proper research and evaluation of the market and of the products which you would be selling.

We at Jinsoft can help you in this regard and with our esteemed panel of experts can help you to select an ecommerce development program that will help to advertise your business.  

Jinsoft ecommerce software is platform independent, we use both open source technology and Microsoft technologies to accommodate even the toughest requirements. It's essential to select the right mix of technologies you need at the onset to ensure the solution would scale for many years to come.

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Great  work  and  great  ownership, will  want  to  use  him  again

Brett Cruickshank, MIMC Managing Director, CRM Strategy-Australia


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